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Baby Names 2010

It's that magical time of the year again: the time when I lose my mind and continue to believe it's a great use of my time to tally up statistics on baby names in Windsor. As I've said before, this represents babies born in Windsor and Essex County (Ontario, Canada) in 2010, but only those whose parents had the money and/or inclination to put them in this annual feature.

If you're curious, or want to compare, here are the entries I've made for previous years:





So, out of 518 babies, these were the most popular names:

BoysCollapse )

GirlsCollapse )

Some observations:

The -adens seem to be on their way out. Noah is also WAY down, as well as Jackson and its variants. No big surprises for the girls, except maybe Charlotte and Amelia.


Baby Names - 2009 Edition

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Every year, my newspaper has a giant section with all the babies born in the previous year. Since I am insane, I like to use this to compile statistics for the most popular baby names in my area. Note that, firstly, this doesn't represent every single baby born in the area, only those whose parents had the money and/or inclination to do this; and secondly, that this represents only babies born in my particular area: Windsor and Essex County in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

If you're curious, or want to compare, here are the entries I've made for previous years:




Most Popular Names for 2009Collapse )


Baby Names - 2008 Edition

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Every year, my local newspaper has this giant section devoted to the babies who were born over the past year. Being a giant geek, for the past three years, I've compiled all the baby names to see which ones were most popular. Keep in mind that these statistics represent people in my city who have the money and the inclination to put their kid's picture and name into this special feature thing... Anyway, that said:

Out of 664 babies born in 2008...

Click here to see all the exciting statistics.Collapse )

And my vote for the worst names for 2008, for boys: Jaxon, Ayrton-Anthony, Braylon, Broden, Chaseton (probably THE worst), and Zaidan.

And for girls: Finnleigh, Braylin, Gracyn, Jadyn, Jorja, Kailey-Ann, Paighton, Pyper.


My sister showed me this, and it is pretty much the best thing ever. It's 'Pride and Prejudice', told in the form of the Facebook news feed.


Trust me, it's awesome.
So last year for Canadian History class, I had to do an assignment on Martin Frobisher. I went to Wikipedia to find out who exactly this guy was, and found that someone had messed with his article.

THIS is Martin Frobisher. I had thought that the articles of men from the 1500s who explored Canada might be obscure enough to not be targeted, but clearly I underestimated the power of bored school children.

Vastly underestimated.

The Saga of Martin Frobisher. Pictorial Evidence. Warning: foul language, immaturity, and nonsense await.Collapse )

These edits all occurred between February 2007 and around September 2008. There could have been earlier edits, but I didn't go that far back. One day perhaps I will, if I can work up the courage.


Giant Sims Update


Election '08 - Sims Edition - Part 7?

Now that I've got all this free time, I figured that I owed the world a Sims update.


The VP candidates arrive.Collapse )


Return of The Sims

Yes. The Candidates are finally back. I checked, and I haven't updated this since March, so I feel very ashamed. Anyway, I wanted to get this out before they chose their running mates, so here it is.

Part Six, or something.Collapse )